heart FEBRUARY 24, 2023
Do you ever get that feeling when you already have a sense of frustration grrr the moment you wake up and nothingís happened yet? Thatís been me for at least a week now. Iím honestly thinking itís my depression creeping up on me. Several years ago I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression and was prescribed medication. I havenít had to take it for about a year now as I feel Iíve been able to get my anxiety under control, but the depression is too influenced by outside sources to get under wraps.

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heart FEBRUARY 6, 2023
It feels SO nice not to have to tape my right eye shut anymore!

It's been, I think, 5 weeks since I first got Bell's Palsy (for the second time). If you're not sure what that is, it's basically one side of your face is temporarily paralyzed due to the cranial nerves in your neck/under your ear being crushed. What causes that crush? Inflamation. What causes that inflamation? A whole butt-load of stuff! Basically anything from viruses to stress to who knows what because there isn't an offical cause. It's a result of something else. In my case, just like the first time, I irritated my tonsil, gagged a bit too much, and WHAM!

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heart FEBRUARY 2, 2023
I have done it! I have finally put this site together! Recently I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, so it was a pain and a half to focus on this, especially with one eye taped shut grrr.

Right now it's -39C with the windchill, and I'm living in a really old apartment with horrible heating, so I'm freezing right now and desperately want to get under the covers with Mr. Piggies and some hot tea.

So I'll just end this here and when I warm up, I'll blog with a little more effort.